"I want to thank the board of directors, our dedicated staff, funding sources and partners, and the citizens of Wilson along with all of North Carolina for embracing the OIC of Wilson mission."

Howard Jones



The OIC of Wilson, Inc.

OIC of Wilson, Inc. is a non-profit community- based organization that has been meeting the needs of the economically disadvantaged individuals throughout the community

The Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC), a vocational, educational, and life skills training program designed to prepare young men and women for full-time employment. Moving beyond protest to address the barriers of poverty and oppression, the OIC quickly expanded into all corners of the city and ultimately grew into a national and international movement that trained millions of workers from all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

OIC of Wilson annually provides more than 25,000 service contacts through more than 24 programs in the areas of employment readiness and referral, basic skills training and enhancement and health & nutritional services.

Howard Jones founded the OIC of Wilson in 1972, working to provide tens of thousands of Eastern Carolina residents with food, health care screenings and jobs.

MARCH 22, 2018

Teaching young girls about self respect and dating. Your appearance—the quality of your clothes, your hairstyle, the amount of makeup you wear—is far less important than how you feel about your appearance. Your parents are not always right; but if you’re lucky enough to have parents who treat you decently, they do deserve your attention. . Your body is yours to take care of and you can do what you want with and to it—you are not the sum of your parts. Emotional abuse is real; it’s a vicious cycle and it often starts with you having to convince someone to be with you. Romantic love doesn’t always come with respect beware of the players out there. The way people treat you is not a reflection of your value. The way you care for yourself is a reflection of how much you value yourself.

We would love for parents and teens to come out it is FREE to the Public!