With a strong passion for helping people succeed, Wilson OIC Inc puts a lot of energy into our community here in Wilson, NC.

The more we know the better we can help students connect with the right employment oppertunities. It also allows us to help reduce the anxiety and stress that comes along with applying for jobs. We essentially fill the gap that exists between employees and college employers.

An Ever-Growing Story

Neighbors and Friends, 

Welcome to the Opportunities Industrialization Center of Wilson, Inc. 

As OIC of Wilson enters our nearly fourth decade of operation, we are excited about the chance to share with the global community the many successes and opportunities we have seen, enabled and encouraged. 

As I grew to know and love the visionary behind the OIC movement, the Rev. Dr. Leon H. Sullivan, he fathered me into my role as founder of the OIC of Wilson, which I began in 1972. After many years, it is still an honor I hold dear and a responsibility I hold with high and heavy weight.


I was so afraid of applying to companies and that I wouldn't get the job. Wilson OIC Inc gave me plenty of encouragement and support. I not only got a job where I applied to, but wound up with the career that I really wanted.




Wilson OIC Inc is the best! They helped us sift through tons of information and made sure we asked the right questions. It made the entire process a lot less stressful. Most of all they helped my son, Travis, get the job that he needed.